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Teclado Inteligente MICROARRANGER MAR-1
Teclados Portables -  Teclado Arranger
Código: 11158257   Modelo: MAR-1
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Detalles del Producto

Meet your new musical partner, the Korg microARRANGER.

This compact keyboard can quickly turn your ideas into songs, and also allows you to play your favorite songs with a full backing arrangement ? instantly! The Korg microARRANGER turns the hit songs in your head into reality.

Features & Highlights:
?Compact composing/performing keyboard that acts as your musical arranger

?61-key Natural Touch mini keyboard; Velocity sensing

?Built-in stereo speaker system

?4 Stereo Effect Processors with 89 effect programs.

?304 Styles; each is a complete and interactive musical environment for capturing your inspirations

?Each Style includes Intros, Endings, Fills, and four Variations, all are completely editable

?Styles follow your chords, voice leading, and tempo settings ? you are always in control!

?660 Preset Sound Programs and 128 User Programs provide excellent Korg sounds

?32 Drumkits; 64 User Drumkits;

?SD/SDHC card slot for data storage, importing Styles, sharing data with a computer DAW, etc.

61-key Natural Touch mini-keyboard (velocity sensitive) System:
OPOS ? Objective Portable Operating System: Multitasking System, load while playing

Feature; Upgradeable Operating System; SSD Solid State Disk Tone generator:
HI synthesis (Hyper Integrated synthesis system) Voice Polyphony:
62 voices, 62 oscillators. Filters with resonance Waveform Memory:
32 MB PCM ROM (with Stereo Piano Sound) Multi Timbre:
Internal = 40 tracks (2 x 16 Tracks in Sequencer, 4 Keyboard Tracks, 4 Pad Tracks) Effects:
4 stereo digital Multi-Effect systems (89 effect types) Programs/ Drum Kits:
662 Preset programs (including a Stereo Piano and 256 "GM level 2 programs")

33 drum kits (including 9 GM level 2 drum kits)

128 user programs + 64 user drum kits

Easy and Full Program Editing.
Up to 304 Styles in Solid State Disk (256 preload +48 User)

All reconfigurable; up to 8 accompaniment tracks

All Style Performances are programmable

(Includes 4 Single Touch Settings for each style)
Style Record:
Styles can be created or edited to create new styles Style elements:
Intro 1/2, Ending 1/2, Fill1/2, Count In/Break, 4 Variations

Each style can memorize Max. 36 Chord Variations
160 real-time Performances + up to 304 Styles Performances

With 4 Single Touch Settings
Song Sequencer:
Play (Song Play)/ Record (Realtime / Step)/ Edit

16 Multi track, Max = 56,000 events (approximately), It corresponds to SMF (Format o and 1)
Backing Sequencer:
Play / Record (Realtime / Step)/ Edit Song Play:
XDS* Cross fade Dual Sequencer player

2 Sequencers with separate Start/Stop, Pause,

'<< Rew' and '>> FF' controls; Balance control

Lyrics are displayed on-screen

Jukebox Function; SMF Direct Player (format 0 and 1)
Realtime Track:
Keyboard Track (Upper 1/2/3, Lower),

PAD Track (4 truck)
Internal Flash Memory = 8MB for Operating System, Musical resource. Interface:
Display: Backlit custom LCD (Black-and-White)

Lyric Display (English Only)
General Controls: Joystick, Dial

Programmable Control: 1 Slider

Real-time Controls: Master Volume, Acc/Seq Real-time Volume Balance

Switches: STS (Single Touch Setting). Style elements, Start/Stop, Transpose (b/#),
Bass Inversion, Memory, Manual Bass, Split Point, Groove Quantize,

Fade In/Out, TAP Tempo, Synchro, Start/Stop, Ensemble,

Chord Scanning (Lower / Upper), Keyboard Mode (Lower, Full Upper),

Tempo Lock, Octave (-/+), Multi PAD: 4 assignable pads + Stop button
Control Inputs:
Damper Pedal, Assignable pedal/switch x 1 Audio Outputs:
Left/mono, Right; Headphone (Mini Stereo Jack) Audio Inputs:
Mini Stereo Jack MIDI:
In, Out Data Storage:
SD/SDHD cards; Multi Media Card (MMC) Main Amplifier:
2x 5 Watt Speakers:
10cm x 2 Single cone speakers (Open Air type) Power Supply:
DC12V(Adapter) Power Consumption:
9 Watts Dimensions (w x D x H):
873 x 277 x 91 mm / 34.37" x 10.91" x 3.58" inches (microARRANGER w/o music stand) Weight:
4.2 Kg / 9.26 lbs (microARRANGER w/o music stand)

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